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Two weekly Loops mean
16 hours of weekly program!


Here at Keikobad Radio we present you twice a week a new 8-hour program with podcasts and other web content about Esotericism, the Occult, Mysticism and the Paranormal.

A selection of the best content that is availabile, without the hassle of having to search around, with the possibility to discover new stuff all the time.

New loops start Monday and Friday at 1300 UTC* 



And this is what you find in the actual loop

Each loop starts anew at 5:00, 13:00 and 21:00 UTC* 


Program Loop #21 - starting Monday, August 1st, 1300 UTC*


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Unaussprechlichen Ramblen #3 - ALEXIS MINCOLLA of 3TEETH on the Cosmic Taint, mutating Dystopias, and Green UFOs in Sheffield - 45 mins

with Marco Visconti

Thoth Hermes Classics: The Birth of Chaos - Peter J. Carroll -90 mins

Season 5-Episode 4

Guided Contemplative Activities - A Discursive Meditation on Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty - 30 mins

With C.R. “Chuck” Dunning

Rendering Unconscious - Kadmus Herschel - "True to the Earth and a Pagan Conception of the Self" - 60 mins

Hosted by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair

The Alchemi-Culture Podcast 006 - North American Shilajit- A Conversation With DJ Ankenbrandt - 120 mins

hosted by Phoenix Aurelius

Living Thelema - Golden Dawn & Thelema - 30 mins

Dr. David Shoemaker

Glitch Bottle #105 - Servitors, Sigils & Thought Forms with Mademoiselle Vendredi - 105 mins

hosted by Alexander Eth

Occult of Personality #52 - Lon Milo DuQuette’s Enochian Vision Magick - 105 mins

hosted by Greg Kaminsky

ESOTERICA - Necromancy - How to Read a Historical Book of Magic - Necromancy - Reading a Real Necronomicon - 60 mins

presented by Dr. Justin Sledge

The Theosophical Society in America - Esoterica, Magic & the Occult #7 - Mitch Horowitz- The Secret Doctrine and the Forbidden - 75 mins

Who runs Keikobad Radio?

This internet radio has been imagined and created by Rudolf M Berger, also creator and host of his own Thoth Hermes Podcast, which has become one of the important podcast voices around the subject of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

He wants to help newcomers to quickly get access to interesting and high quality content without having to search for hours and having difficulty to find the right thing.

And if you just want to tune in at any time of day and night and hear exciting talk radio, then Keikobad Radio is also for you!

Rudolf M Berger

I was born in the Swiss city of Basel in 1960. I have been actively interested in the world of occultism and esotericism over almost three decades, but when I look back with a bit more of hindsight, I realize that my attachment to those questions was already present since a very early age.

A Freemason since 1993, also a member of the Scottish Rite, my first serious interest in esoteric sciences had come about much earlier already, in the mid-1980s, when I read books by Rudolf Steiner. A bit later, after practical experiences in Shamanism, Theosophy, and Ritual Magic, I broadened my knowledge and personal involvement to many fields of the Western Tradition. Today it is difficult for me what to call myself; maybe a “gnostic hermeticist” with a very strong link to Ceremonial Magic, the traditions of the Golden Dawn, but also the teachings of the “Quareia” school comes closest. Furthermore, Thelema and authors Franz Bardon and Emil Stejnar have influenced my search greatly, and I stay open to discover and explore new knowledge and experiences.

Fields of special interest include Sacred Geometry and the implication of sound and music in the Occult Arts. I am mostly working the Art as a solitaire worker, but maintain links to several occult groups.

I live in Austria close to its capital Vienna and worked in the performing arts world for 40 years. Since 2017, I am now full-time working as Funeral Celebrant, and also as a writer.


What is a “Loop”

We call a Loop a continuous line of program which lasts eight hours. After eight hours the program will automatically repeat itself. Therefore each loop will be available three times a day, at “good” listening hours for most parts of the world. But this also makes it possible to tune in at any time of day and night and receive high quality content

How often do Loops change?

Loops change twice a week. A new Loop starts on Monday and on Friday, at 13:00 UTC.

What is UTC?

UTC means Universal Time and is the time (without daylight saving time) at the Greenwich Meridian Zero. In order to find out what that means as an offset to your local time, go to a website that calculates time offsets for your place. There are many around, we here recommend

Why don’t you publish a timetable with clear beginning times of the program parts?

Well, because Keikobad Radio can be listended to world-wide, this would be impossible. In the program description of the actual loop we give you duration times of each single program item to help you calculate the beginning time of each item. A bit complicated, we admit, if one of you has a better idea, let us know!

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